Grilled slices of aubergine

You'll Need:


2 aubergines;

Olive oil;

Sprinkle of sesame seeds;

Mixed Dry Herbs;

Hoisin Sauce.




1 - Slice the aubergines lengthways into steaks and score with a knife (this will allow the hoisin sauce to really soak into your aubergine during cooking).


2 - Brush each side of your aubergines with olive oil and place on your Arctic Cabin grill, turning at least once until cooked through. (This has varied each time we've tried but eight minutes seems to be the average time)


3 - When cooked, remove the aubergines from the grill and spread a generous layer of hoisin sauce. Sprinkle on the mixed dry herbs and sesame seeds and then return to the grill but only for a minute or two because the sauce can burn if you get distracted at this point so focus!!


Verdict: Oh My!! The hoisin sauce compliments the aubergine to the extent that we questioned why we hadn't put them together before! The scoring is worth the effort to allow the sauce to permeate deep into the flesh of the aubergine giving you a fuller, juicier experience. We have served this on rice and in pittas. Both worked so well that the next time we served with both!