Hello to all you Arctic Cabin Owners. Firstly Thank You for choosing Arctic Cabins to provide you with the best and most useful garden room you will ever need! This section of our new website is here just for you, to share tips, tricks, ideas and images. There will be some competitions to win amazing cabin products, a referral scheme to earn you a little 'Cash Back' and also first viewing on any new celeb recipes we post this year. If you would like to sign up for our new Owners Club membership just fill out the form below the images. There is also some 'How To' videos and info on your cabin further down this page..... happy scrolling!      

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Info on how to use your BBQ properly

Arctic Cabins BBQs are easy to light and, if you follow these simple rules, you will have a happy cabin and happy people:

  • First, rake out the grate and empty the ashtray;
  • Close the Cabin windows and door (to eliminate unwanted draughts) and fully open the damper plate (air vent) beneath the grate. Ensure there is nothing obstructing the floor hole under the BBQ unit, or the vents on the outside of the Cabin. It is important to get unobstructed air flow from beneath the grill, past the damper to the charcoal on the BBQ grill;
  • Adjust the height of the chimney hood to its lowest position (it can be raised later once the fire has finished burning and the ashtray has been cleaned out);
  • Using a small amount of dry wooden kindling or BBQ charcoal, create a small fire in the centre of the grill, about the size of 2 fists. You can add BBQ lighter fuel as necessary but only add this before lighting the fire and according to the instructions on the fuel container. Never attempt to add more liquid or gel fuels once the fire is lit;
  • Allow the fire to build and keep a flame at all times as this will heat the chimney and begin the 'draw' of airflow;
  • Once established, add more charcoal as required.

Common Causes of a Smoky Cabin

Attempting to burn damp fuel is the most common cause of smoky cabin problems, so ensure your fuel is kept 'tinder' dry before use. Charcoal should be stored indoors (preferably next to a radiator). Insufficient ventilation will also make the fire harder to light and may cause smoking. Make sure the chimney is not obstructed (by overhanging trees for example) and that the ventilation beneath the cabin is adequate and not blocked in any way. Lifting the hood before the fire has gone out can also cause smoke to escape into the cabin.



For additional peace of mind our Cabins come supplied with a 8SDB Carbon Monoxide Detector/Alarm which should not be moved from the installed position and should be tested regularly in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations. Our cabins also come supplied with Fire Extinguishers manufactured to BS EN3, Kitemarked & CE marked.

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Info On The Cabin Weatherproofing Stain We Recommend

Weatherproofing your cabin is essential to ensure a longer life of the timber. At Arctic Cabins we use Soverign Timber Preservative in Brown. Coating your cabin can be time consuming which is why we offer this as added service when your building is being manufactured.
To buy this stain call Sovchem and order yours today:
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Sign up to our new Owners club which is launching in May this year