You'll Need:


1 cauliflower, cut into 1-inch thick slices;

Olive oil;

Mixed Dry Herbs;

Ground black pepper (to taste);

Salt (to taste);

Barbecue sauce




1 - Cut the cauliflower into 2cm steaks (slices) and brush on both sides with the olive oil.


2 - Season with black pepper (to taste), the dry mixed herbs and a pinch of salt.


3 - Place cauliflower slices on your Arctic Cabin grill and cook each side for about five minutes, turning regularly.


4 - Generously brush barbecue sauce onto both sides of your steaks and return them to the grill for about another five more minutes each side.


Verdict: Actually much better than we'd expected. We lightly fried some fennel seeds to sprinkle on the steaks as we dished up and served on a bed of brown rice. Kids actually forgot they were eating cauliflower, so wins all round!


We found that a regular sized cauliflower makes 4 decent sized steaks.