Arctic Cabins Case Study

Our customer is now the proud owner of a 17m BBQ Cabin and a Grillion by Arctic Cabins, these are sited on his 14 acres of land on which he hosts shooting parties.

What made you decide on a BBQ Cabin and Grillion from Arctic Cabins?

“I had one large cabin on site already to offer catering but as things grew we had more people on site than we could fit in it, I looked at extending the existing cabin and quotes were coming in at around £15k. At Kelmarsh Game Fair I saw Arctic Cabins with their demonstration cabin and as soon as I saw it I thought crikey, that’s brilliant! I made a few enquiries and got an appointment to see Gareth the next day.”

“Buying a BBQ Cabin was £6k cheaper than extending the original one and looks so much better, it looks the business!”

How did you know Arctic Cabins were the company for you?

“I never looked anywhere else, if I like something I just go for it! Gareth is a good salesman and true to his word. I visited the show site and liked the people and the setup, the show site was really nice and clean. It’s obvious Gareth takes pride in what he’s doing, the show site demonstrates this, I felt if he took pride in that then he’ll take pride in what he’s doing for me.”

How did you find the cabin fitting?

“Arctic Cabin’s guys are so experienced in what they do that they make it look so easy, they arrived at 7am and left at 4pm, when they left everything was spot on and they didn’t leave any mess, it was all ready to use.”

What have been the benefits to adding a BBQ Cabin and Grillion to your site?

“It’s made everything so much easier, I’m never in the house now, I sleep there and occasionally eat there but that’s it! I have so much more space for catering at shooting events and everyone loves it. The Grillion has been an amazing add on to the BBQ Cabin, I’ve had curtains fitted to it which makes it really useable even when it’s windy, we’ve still used it on sunny days in the winter to sit out as my friends and I are all outdoors people, it’s nice to be out in the open.”

What makes Arctic Cabins unique?

“Quality materials, they also do what they say they are going to do, they are very professional and very experienced in what they are doing. Gareth is the driving force and I know if things weren’t right he’d be straight on to fixing them which is why I would and have recommended them.”

Thank you for taking the time to show us round and we wish you many happy years in your cabin and Grillion.