Louise and Steve acquired some extra land to expand their garden some time ago, however they never quite managed to get the space available to them working how they’d like it to.

“We had a large paved area but just weren’t using the space, we had looked at various structures like gazebos to better utilise the space but nothing seemed right. Whilst visiting The Chatsworth Show we came across the BBQ Cabins by Arctic Cabins and as soon as we saw them, we knew that was the answer! Looking at it now we know we made the right choice”.

Did you make your purchase at the show?”
“After seeing Arctic Cabins at the show we then visited their showsite on their open day, how the company was set up and how they treated us really sold it for us, we really liked them. The products sold themselves and the sales people were never pushy and there was no pressure to buy. They didn’t use any sales gimmicks and we liked that, it made it a very easy decision to make”.

“We looked at similar manufacturers online and could have gone round in circles looking at prices and options but we knew we’d come back to the first one we’d seen, Arctic Cabins.”

From Design, To Purchase, To Build.

We asked Louise about the process of buying the cabin and having it installed, “After deciding to go ahead we had a site visit within a week, it only took 3 weeks from decision to having the cabin fitted!”

“The fitting team were brilliant, they phoned the night before to confirm and turned up when they said they would. It took about 4 ½ hours and they took all packaging and rubbish with them, as soon they’d gone it was ready to be used, with no cleaning up to be done!”

“Throughout the fitters were happy to talk about the build and were very synchronised working together.”

Would You Recommend Arctic Cabins?

“Definitely, especially for their customer service, they’ve answered every call and were more than happy to help with any queries, right the way through they’ve been the right people to go with. Everything they promised on their website was true”.

“We now have an all year-round space to use as an escape for us, we are already planning Christmas Eve drinks up there! Also, as the garden is next to a busy road we’ve always suffered with road noise which was a bug bear especially when at the top of the garden, but now we can go into the cabin, close the door and you just don’t hear it. The design of the windows also make it very private and the sloping walls give so much more space, it’s like a Tardis!”

Well we think Louise and Steve have many years of happy barbecuing ahead of them! If you would like to learn more about our Arctic Cabins BBQ Huts then drop us a line.