The Perfect Man-cave!

Paul and his family felt a bar in the garden would be a fitting tribute to his late brother who was always his drinking buddy. They opted for a 10m straight walled BBQ hut with 3m side extension and decking.

Paul chatted to us about his experience with Arctic:

“I knew what I wanted, I wanted a building to be used for socialising and to put a bar in. I chose Arctic Cabins as they seemed the best quality cabins around and I knew I wanted a design with the log effect and the one’s from Arctic Cabins are really different.”

How long did it take you to decide on an Arctic Cabin?

“I visited the show site and decided there and then that I wanted one, paid the deposit and the cabin was fitted five or six weeks later.”

Did they offer you any advice on your site visit?

“I originally wanted a bigger cabin but was advised at the site visit to go smaller due to the space, to be honest they were right, this one has fitted in really well.”

You wanted the bar for socialising, how has having the BBQ cabin changed your social life?

"It’s made socialising so much easier, we’d rather have a get together and drink at home these days than go out, we’ve had parties quite easily for 30+ people but no one needs to go in the house, we can keep it all separate. When the lads come over they can just come through the side gate and straight to the bar, the only thing now is the cost to keep the bar stocked! My granddaughters love it as they always sneak behind the bar to nick a fruit shoot!”

“We also enjoy the outside more now and feel we want to spend more time in the garden, it’s really enhanced the garden and space we have.”

We wish Paul and his family many more happy parties making memories in ‘Frank’s Bar’.